Receiving/Coil Specifications

All freight going to Amerimet must be shipped in compliance with the receiving requirements and coil specifications detailed below:

Receiving Requirements

•  All shipments to Amerimet require a delivery appointment.
•  Both flatbed trailers and enclosed dry vans are acceptable.
•  Amerimet has the capability to load or unload from the side at ground level or from the rear at dock level.
•  The maximum skid weight that we can unload is 10,000 lbs.
•  Prior written authorization must be obtained by the shipper for Amerimet to unload any skid over 6,000 lbs.

Standard Mill Coil Specifications

• Inside Diameter:
20" with fiber core
• Max. Outside Diameter:
• Max. Coil Weight:
6,000 lbs.
• Max. Skid Weight:
6,000 lbs.
• Ship all coils eye to the sky.

Thank you for your cooperation.